Saturday, December 1, 2012

2012 Fireside Lodge Fish Photos 8

Trophy 20-inch Smallmouth Bass by Emily Estes from Livonia, MI 7/12

Fishing for BIG Smallmouth Bass by Colleen Stack from Lorain, OH 7/12

Many Nice Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Fran Stack from Lorain, OH 7/12

Terrific Smallmouth Bass Fishing by David Jewell from Pineville, WV 7/12

Trophy 20-inch Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Adam Scott from Moorehead, KY 7/12

Super Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Nicole Scott from Moorhead, KY 7/12

Huge Trophy Smallmouth Bass Ladies Fishing by Judy Atlick from Springfield, OH 7/12

Husband and Wife Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Art Atlick from Springfield, OH 7/12

Tiger Muskie 45-inch Trophy Fishing by Pete Mitchell from Kerrville, TX 7/12

Heavy Northern Pike Fishing by Dane Genord from Grad Blanc, MI 7/12

My Biggest Northern Pike so far, Fishing by Ryan Genord from Grand Blanc, MI 7/12

Evening BIG Northern Pike Fishing by Greg Benton fom Grand Blanc, MI 7/12

Fabulous Northern Pike Fishing by Ollie Waldeck from Cotter, AR 7/12
Big Musky are Special Fishing by Ryan Hulst from Holland, MI 7/12

Another Musky Fishing by Ron Ramsey from Sewannee, TN 7/12
Tiger Musky Fishing is GREAT by Wendel Hill from Foster, WV 7/12
Huge Smallmouth Bass by Mike Estes from Livonnia, MI 7/12

Hundreds of Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Bob Nutter from Clarksburg, WV 7/12
BIG Smallmouth Bass by Derek New from Colorada 7/12

Super Trophy Smallmouth Bass Fishing by Mike Pritzl from Caledonia, WI 7/12

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